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Product Description

Embryo Flushing Plus (EFP) is used to flush embryos from the uterus of super-ovulated donor animals. RLI EFP contains the surfactant polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and the antibiotics kanamycin sulphate and gentamicin. The EFP is filtered with a 0.22 µM membrane filter during the manufacturing process.


RLI EFP is prepared for commercial and research use and is embryo culture tested. RLI EFPhas been prepackaged in 1000-mL and 2000-mL infusion bags,  each with two ports: one needle septum port and one spike port.


A room temperature range is recommended for RLI EFP storage, but it may also be refrigerated at 2-8°C. RLI EFP should be used by its expiration date and should be discarded if a precipitate forms.


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For Animal Use Only

1000-mL and 2000-mL infusion bags


Production of cattle embryos. Expanded bovine blastocysts were flushed from donor cows. Inner cell mass cells (blue) were distinguished from TE cells (pink) after immune-staining with specific antibodies. Offspring were produced after transfer of thawed embryos into recipient cows.


Ordering Information

Cat # RLI EFP 01:    1000 mL/bag        $20 plus S&H



Cat # RLI EFP 02:   2000 mL/bag         $30 plus S&H



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Products and Services | Embryo Flushing Plus