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Embryo Rinse Plus (ERP) is used to wash the filter after flushing the donor or rinse the embryo after collection to remove the blood clots and unknown elements from the animal uterus. RLI-ERP contains surfactant PVA, embryo nutrients and antibiotics. It is filtered by 0.22 M membrane filter.


RLI-ERP is prepared for both commercial and research use and is embryo culture tested. RLI-ERP has been packaged in 500-mL either infusion bags or plastic bottles for easy handling in embryo laboratory. Infusion bag has two extraction ports: one needle septum port and one spike port. ERP contains a pH indicator, pH at 7.0-7.2.


A room temperature range is recommended for RLI ERP storage, but it may also be refrigerated at 2-8C. It should be used by its expiration date and should be discarded if a precipitate forms or a dramatic color change is observed.


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For Animal Use Only

500-mL plastic bottle


Production of cattle embryos. Expanded bovine blastocysts were flushed from donor cows. Inner cell mass cells (blue) were distinguished from TE cells (pink) after immune-staining with specific antibodies. Offspring were produced after transfer of thawed embryos into recipient cows.


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