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Embryo Washing and Holding (EWH) is used to wash and hold the compacted morulae and blastocysts after embryo flushing, before cryopreservation (conventional slow freezing and vitrification) or before embryo transfer. RLI EWH contains the surfactant PVA, nutrients for the embryo, antibiotics, and a small amount of bovine serum albumin. RLI EWH is designed to wash embryos and hold them at air temperatures from 21°C to 37°C for up to 2 to 4 hours with no loss of embryo viability (J. Dairy Sci. 89:2510–2518, 2006, and Theriogenology 74: 1643–1651, 2010).


RLI EWH is prepared for commercial and research use and is embryo culture tested. RLI EWHhas been prepackaged in 50-mL and 100-mL infusion bags (the former with one needle septum port, and the latter with two ports: one needle septum port and one spike port), also in 50-mL and 100-mL bottles.


RLI EWH may be refrigerated at 2-8°C. It should be used by its expiration date and should be discarded if a precipitate forms.

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For Animal Use Only


50-mL and 100-mL Bottles


Production of bovine embryos from oocytes using IVF with sorted X-sperm (A) and vitrification (B) Vitrified embryos showed a dramatic shrinkage in mass shortly post-warming (B); however, they fully re-expanded after 2 hours post-warming, with a greater than 96% survival and recovery rate (C) to the hatched stage after 72 hours of culture (D, E). Female Holstein calves were born following embryo transfer of vitrified, sex pre-selected embryos (F) (J. Dairy Sci. 89:2510–2518, 2006).


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