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Service Description:
Renova Life Inc. (RLI) provides an IVF service to produce embryos from elite donor cattle and goats by ovum pick up (OPU).  

The IVF charges for this service are below:

A. Basic service charge –  $160/animal/OPU session

This service is charged based on IVF per OPU session per donor.  The service includes a package of in vitro maturation (IVM), fertilization (IVF), embryo culture in vitro (IVC) till embryo developing to blastocyst stage on day 7 after IVF.

B.Embryo production charges

a.   1 to 3 embryos – at $ 20 per embryo

b.   4 or more embryos – at $20 per embryo for the first 3 embryos & at $15 per embryo from 4th embryo onwards.


Calculation: if 5 blastocysts are generated from one OPU-IVF session with 15-20 oocytes extracted, the total IVF charge is $250 (160 + 3x20 +15x2=250), each blastocyst costs $50.

Service charge is negotiable upon the nature and duration of partnership for OPU-IVF.


C. Embryo vitrification charges – Clients are encouraged to transfer embryos fresh into their synchronized recipients. However, due to paucity of available recipients, if the client wants the embryos to be frozen (vitrified), RLI can vitrify the embryos at $30 per embryo. RLI can provide embryo thawing media at no additional cost to the clients.

D. Maturation medium and oocyte shipping during IVM
Vet doctors retrieve the oocytes from client’s donor animals, RLI can provide CO2 gas balanced maturation medium (SAR IVM) free of charge (5 tubes/kit with 1.0 mL maturation medium/tube).
RLI provides a free rent of one incubator, the second shipper at $45/round trip shipment, but client pays for overnight shipping cost. RLI is not responsible for the delayed delivery of sample by the shipping company, nor the malfunction of the incubator during the shipping process.

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Service Flyer (pdf format)

Instructions of Oocytes Collecting (pdf format)

Oocytes Collecting Form (pdf format)

Instructions of Embryo Shipping (pdf format)

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Products and Services |IVF Service in Ovum Pick Up IVF Program