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Ovum pickup, in vitro fertilization (OPU-IVF) and embryo transfer (ET) currently is a matured technology for cattle breeding and herd replacement program, and it is becoming a profitable business in North America and Worldwide.


Outline of Bovine OPU, IVF and ET Procedures


Cattle Breeding Program by IVF and ET


Renova Life, Inc. (RLI) understands that Veterinary doctors plan to set up an affordable, small-sized, but productive laboratory for OPU-IVF embryo production, in addition to the routine MOET program.  The Vet doctors who have worked on MOET program usually have a workable embryo laboratory for embryo flushing, searching and embryo cryopreservation by slow freezing procedures.  But the doctors for MOET may not be comfortable, or concerned about inability, or failure for IVM/IVF/IVC.  RLI provides a program of Training and Consulting Services for OPU-IVF.  Scientists at RLI can help your business and assist you fora hassle free embryo production with OPU-IVF technology. 


Training and Consulting Services includes four projects below:


(1) To help Veterinary designing and establishing a small, but productive, IVF lab for OPU-IVF;

(2) To transfer detailed protocols and IVF technology;

(3) To guarantee to train one lab technician competent for IVM/IVF/IVF process;

(4) To provide one year service with four laboratory visits upon request, and to provide on-site IVF training, consulting and problem solving for OPU and IVF. The client will pay for flight, meals, and lodge for one RLI embryologist


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Ordering Information


Cat # Bundled package:   $30,000 + use RLI’s OPU-IVF products for 2 years


Cat # Full service:            $89,000 without buying RLI products


You can place your order by phone (904-379-6507) or fax (301-576-5078).
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Products and Services | Training and Consulting Services for OPU-IVF