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Oocyte Washing Prior to IVM (OWP) is used to wash oocyte-cumulus complexes after OPU and oocyte collection from slaughterhouse ovaries. RLI OWP contains the surfactant PVA, oocyte nutrients, and antibiotics, but no anticoagulant. RLI OWP is designed to remove some small blood clots and wash away undesired follicular components prior to IVM to increase IVF efficiency (Dairy Sci. 89:2510–2518, 2006 and Theriogenology 74: 1643–1651, 2010).


RLI OWP is prepared for commercial and research use and is IVF and embryo culture tested. RLI OWP has been prepackaged in 50-mL and 100-mL infusion bags (the former with one needle septum port, and the latter with two ports: one needle septum port and one spike port).


Being refrigerated at 2-8°C is recommended for RLI OWP storage, but it may also be kept in room temperature. RLI OWP should be used by its expiration date and should be discarded if a precipitate forms.


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For Animal Use Only



50-mL and 100-mL bottles

IVF in cattle. Bovine oocyte-cumulus cell complexes extracted by OPU were matured for 20 to 22 hours in vitro. Expansion of cumulus cells can be seen in the oocyte after 20-22 h IVM (A). After IVF, oocytes have undergone development in vitro to compacted morulae (B) at Day 4.5 and expanded blastocysts (C) at Day 7. (D) Inner cell mass (ICM) and trophectoderm (TE) cells stained blue and pink, respectively, when a blastocyst was treated with a differential stain.


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Cat # RLI OWP 02:   100 mL/bottle      $18 plus S&H



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Products and Services | Oocyte Washing Prior to IVM