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RLI Vitrification Media Kit (Catalog#: RLI Vitri-Cooling 01, RLI Vitri-Warming 01, RLI Vitri Complete Kit 01) enables ultra-rapid cooling and recovery of mouse embryos, which eliminates ice crystal formation, resulting in increased mouse blastocyst development and survival rates. It is specifically designed for vitrification of mouse embryos from 4-cell to blastocyst stage. A high blastocyst development and survival rate is guaranteed. This medium is developed with Renova Life Inc. (RLI) standardized recipes that have been proven to be perfectly suitable for vitrification of mouse embryos in peer-reviewed publications. Years of our research and experience have been put into the development of this medium, offering you the best quality and performance for vitrification. It is specifically tested by mouse embryo assay. RLI Vitrification Media Kit vitrified and warmed embryos have a survival rate of 98.1% to 99.6%; developmental potentials of 94.7-99.5%. After embryo transfer of vitrified ICR embryos from 4-celled, 16-celled, morulae and blastocyst stage, 40.7-43.7% of the embryos develop into live offspring (An L et al. Cryobiology; 2015,


RLI Vitri-Cooling 01 and RLI Vitri-Warming 01


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Cat # RLI Vitri-Cooling 01 :  $200.00 plus S&H


Cat # RLI Vitri-Warming 01 : $200.00 plus S&H


Cat # RLI Vitri Complete Kit 01 : $300.00 plus S&H

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Products and Services | RLI Mouse Vitrification Media Kit