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SAR IVC-washing medium (Catalog#: SAR IVC-W 01) is Simple and Reliable (SAR) medium for cumulus cell removal and zygote washing after fertilization in vitro (IVF), but before embryo culture in vitro (IVC). It is specifically designed for a bovine in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. A high blastocyst development rate is guaranteed. This medium is developed with Renova Life Inc. (RLI) standardized recipes that have been proven to be perfectly suitable for in vitro production of bovine embryos in several peer-reviewed publications. Years of our research and experience have been put into the development of this medium, offering you the best quality and performance for IVM/IVF/IVC. Specifically tested embryo-water and embryo-bovine serum albumin (BSA) are used in our RLI in-house SAR IVM/IVF/IVC products, which have been well tested for bovine IVF and embryo culture in vitro and for making IVF and OPU-IVF embryos for cryopreservation and embryo transfer practices.

RLI SAR IVC-W medium is a constant high quality product, ideal for embryo washing post IVF and production of embryos in vitro. It is prepared for commercial and research use. RLI SAR IVC-W medium has been prepackaged as follows: SAR IVC-W 01, 100 mL per bottle.

SAR IVC-W contains Medium 199 (M199) with Earles salts, L-glutamine, sodium bicarbonate, and HEPES, supplemented with 10 % (v/v) fetal bovine serum and other small molecules and promoting factors that enhance embryo development in vitro.

SAR IVC-W is designed for removal of cumulus cells and washing zygotes to clean zygotes before IVC. More times of washing can avoid any contamination because sperm are very dirty. During 18 h incubation of sperm and oocytes in TALP IVF droplets, TALP IVF droplets usually are not clean, usually contain contaminants. It is recommended that zygote washing for 6-8 times after cumulus removal is necessary before transferring them into IVC droplets.


Storage temperature: 4C.  Expiration date: 2 weeks after production date.


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For Animal Use Only.


              100 mL/Bottle


Bovine IVF Embryo Production. Bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes were collected by OPU from donor animals (A), and matured for 22-24h with SAR IVM prior to IVF (B), showing expanding of cumulus cells. The embryos cleaved to 8-celled stage after 44 h culture in vitro (C), and they developed to blastocyst stage on Day 7 (D). Oocytes were fertilized in our serum-free SAR IVF medium containing 6 mg/mL BSA-embryo under a condition of 5%O2, at 39C for 18 hours. Embryos then were cultured in our SAR IVC serum-free medium containing 6 mg/mL BSA-embryo under a condition of mixed gases of 5%CO2, 5%O2, and 90%N2, at 39C for 7days.


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