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Water-molecular (Catalog#: W-molecular) is specially filtered. It is pyrogen- free and nuclease- free.


It is suitable for making Biological buffers, Biochemical reagents, and General reagents at molecular level. It is suitable for making Life Science reagents and buffers for molecular work, e. g. Gene Expression & Analysis, DNA/RNA/Protein purification, PCR, RT-PCR, DNA/RNA/Protein electrophoresis, Northern, Southern, and Western blotting, molecular cloning, construct making, transfection, RNAi, cDNA Labeling.


Pyrogen-free (< 0.001 EU / mL)

RNase-free (< 0.01 ng / mL) and

DNase-free (< 4 pg / L) production

Bacteria-free (< 1 cfu / mL)


RLI water-molecular is prepared for commercial and research use. RLI Water-molecular have been prepackaged in 1L and 6X1L standard, sterilized, Nalgene medium bottles. 

A room temperature range is recommended, but it may also be refrigerated at 2-8C upon open.


PCR, DNA constructing and Western blotting analysis of milk samples from transgenic rabbits of recombinant human factor VIII (hFVIII) using Water-molecular. (A) PCR 4.35 kb hFVIII cDNA. (B) Cloning this fragment into a mammalian gland specific expression vector, vector size 21 kb. SalI/NotI linearized larger fragment containing 4.35 kb hFVIII cDNA. (C) Western blotting analysis of milk samples from transgenic rabbits and controls. Arrows indicate the hFVIII recombinant protein.



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Products and Services | Water-molecular