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A83-01 is a selective inhibitor of TGF- type I receptor ALK5 kinase, the Activin/Nodal receptor ALK4 and type I nodal receptor ALK7 (IC50 values are 12, 45 and 7.5 nM respectively). It blocks phosphorylation of Smad2 and inhibits TGF--induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. Helps maintain homogeneity and long-term in vitro self-renewal of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) towards mouse ES like self renewal state.


Our product is a ready-to-use stock solution with A83-01 concentration at 10 mM in DMSO; the final working solution is at your desired concentration for stem cell culture. Stem cell culture tested.




Catalog Number: RLI-A8301-01

Molecular Formula: C25H19N5S

Molecular Weight: 421.52

Purity: 98% by HPLC

Quantity:2 mg

Concentration: 10 mM in DMSO

Storage Temperature: -20C

Shipping : Dry Ice

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A83-01 Cat #RLI-A8301-01, 2 mg


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Products and Services | A83-01