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Product Description:
Catalog ID:                          Anti--tubulin 01
Host:                                     Anti--tubulin 01 was produced in Rabbits
Antigen Species:                Anti--tubulin 01 was raised against Human
Clonality:                              Polyclonal
Antigen Type:                     Synthetic peptide
Epitope:                                Human -tubulin C-terminal peptide with 15 amino acids
Predicted Species Reactivity:Human, mouse, rat, pig, goat, sheep
Preservation:                      0.01% Sodium Azide in the constituent solution of PBS, at pH 7.4 
Recommended Storage:  Store at +4C short term (1-2 weeks). Aliquot and store at -20C or -80C. Avoid repeated freezing

                                               and thawing.

Positive control:                 The antibody had a positive reaction with the whole cell lysates from MCF-7 cells (human breast adenocarcinoma cell line).

General notes:     This antibody can be used as experiment and particularly as Loading Positive Control
Antibody Uses:                    ELISA, WB, ICC, IHC, IP
Size:                                       200 L

Concentration:                    1 mg/mL

Price:                                      $ 200 + S&H, buy three get 1 free

Test Result

Western Blotting


Detecting actin in MCF-7 cells with RLI anti-beta-tubulin 01 antibody



Staining of mitotic in MCF-7 cells with RLI polyclonal anti-beta-tubulin 01 antibody



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Products and Services | Rabbit polyclonal antibody to -tubulin