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Product Description:

Catalog ID:                         Anti-SSEA-4
Antibody Target:              stage-specific embryonic antigen-4 (SSEA-4)
Host:                                    SSEA-4 antibody was produced in Rabbits
Antigen Species:               SSEA-4  antibody was raised against Human
Clonality:                             Polyclonal
Antigen Type:                    Synthetic peptide
Immunogen:                      SSEA-4  antibody was raised against a synthetic peptide from C-terminus of human SSEA-4
Antigen Modification:       C-Terminus
Predicted Species Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat
Purification:                         Un-conjugated anti-serum
Presentation:                      0.01% thimerosal
Recommended Storage:  Long term: -20°C; Short term: +4°C
Antibody Uses:                   Western Blot (WB); IHC; ICC
Size:                                     200 µL

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Rabbit anti-human SSEA-4 polyclonal Antibody Cat # Anti-SSEA-4, 200 µL


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Products and Services | Rabbit anti-human SSEA-4 polyclonal Antibody