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EZ-Blastomere-Disassociation kit (RLI-EZBD-01) is specially designed to disaggregate individual blastomeres from an embryo. The kit contains two vials Acidic Tyrode solution, two vials of pronase, and one vial of trypsin. Pronase from Streptomyces griseus is prepared in M2 medium at a concentration of 5 mg/mL while trypsin is at 0.25%.  All solutions are filtered 0.22 µm filter.  Animal embryos tested, and qualified.


To remove the zona pellucida, embryos are treated in Acidic Tyrode solution about 2-3 min under stereo-microscopy until the expanding and thinning of zona pellucida observed.  The embryos are then immediately transferred into pronase solution, and gently pipetted till all layer of zona pellucida is cleared off.  The embryos are naked and free of zona pellucida.


After removal the zona pellucida, the embryos are incubated in trypsin for about 1-2 min (or client’s designed time), then moved into fresh culture medium (containing serum).  The embryos are then gently pipetted with a fine, fire-polished capillary pipette until individual blastomeres are disaggregated. The disaggregated blastomeres are finally washed either in D-PBS-PVA or directly in the culture medium prior to other use.


Catalog Number:                RLI-EZBD-01

Applications:                       Mouse, rabbit, cattle zygotes

Sterility:                               Sterile-filtered

Unit:                                      1 mL/vial

Quantity:                              2 vials Acidic Tyrode solution, 2 vials of pronase, 1 vial of trypsin

Storage Temperature:     2-8 °C

Storage Duration:              3 months

Shipping :                             Wet Ice


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EZ-Blastomere-Disassociation Cat #RLI-EZBD-01


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