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Product Description:

This is a combined product of cycloheximide (CHX) at 10g/vial and cytochalasin D (CD) at 2.5g/vial. It is widely used for somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) to activate the oocytes, and maintain the ploidy of NT embryos. Animal embryos tested, and qualified.

Our product is a ready-to-use stock solution. The final working solution is CHX at10 g/mL and CD at 2.5 g/mL by adding 990 l of culture medium), or at your desired concentration for cell culture.


Catalog Number: RLI-CHXCD-01

Molecular Formula: C30H37NO6, C15H23NO4

Molecular Weight: 507.62

Unit: CHX 10 g/vial; CD 2.5 g/vial

Quantity: 5 vials

Concentration: 1 g/L in H2O

Storage Temperature: -20C

Shipping : Wet Ice


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CHX-CD ready to use Cat #RLI-CHXCD-01, 5 vials


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Products and Services | CHX-CD ready to use