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Product Description

Cumulus Remover Kit for OPU-IVF includes one set of Cumulus Remover, Cat#RLI CR 01, and one set of Cumulus Removal Glass,

Cat#RLI CRG 01.


Cumulus Remover, RLI CR 01, is specially designed by RLI embryologist, for an effective removal of cumulus cells from oocytes after IVF. Cumulus removal from zygotes is critical for successful embryo culture and subsequently blastocyst development during OPU-IVF production. One set RLI CR 01 includes one pipette holder and one pipette holder clamper. RLI CR 01 set can be used for several years.


Cumulus Removal Glass, RLI CRG 01, are made with the precise inner (I.D.) and outer (O.D.) diameter specific for removal cumulus cells after IVF. The O.D. pipette is 160 m, the similar size as that of an oocyte so that cumulus cells can be easily stripped of an oocyte. RLI CRG 01 contains 15 needles per set. One set can be used for about 4-5 OPU-IVF trials. Each needle is disposable after use. RLI CRG 01 is refillable.






Ordering Information


Cat # RLI CR 01: $390/Set plus S&H



Cat # RLI CRG 01: $150/Set plus S&H



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Products and Services | Cumulus Remover Kit for OPU-IVF