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With federal grant support from the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health, RLI has developed innovative embryo medium products for bovine and equine reproduction and fertility applications including Embryo Flushing Plus, Embryo Flushing Supreme, Embryo Rinse Plus, Embryo Washing and Holding, Oocyte Aspiration Plus, Oocyte Washing Prior to IVM, BSA-embryo, SAR IVM, SAR Percoll, SAR IVF, SAR IVC-W, SAR IVC, Cumulus Remover Kit. This series is designed for flushing embryos (in vivo) and collecting oocytes designated for in vitro fertilization (IVF). All products are made in the United States and have met bovine IVF and embryo culture quality control standards. Product quality is guaranteed. RLI also provides embryos and related services, such as IVF testing and PCR sexing.

Medium Products for Cattle Oocytes/Embryos and Related Services

Embryo Flushing Plus Embryo Flushing Supreme Embryo Rinse Plus
Embryo Washing and Holding Oocyte Aspiration Plus Oocyte Washing Prior to IVM
BSA-embryo SAR IVM SAR Percoll
Cumulus Remover Kit IVF testing PCR sexing

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