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Service Description: The service is provided for determining the fertility of bovine frozen semen. This service is particularly useful for large Artificial Insemination (AI) companies. It can be used to develop new method to process semen straws, and to identify superior in vitro fertility sires. 

The service includes (a) experiment design: we will work with the customer to design proper experiments; (b) in vitro fertilization using semen straws provided by the customer; (c) statistical analysis on the experiment results; (d) executive report to the customers with detailed observations and recommendations.

Fig. 1. Snapshot of cattle IVF testing. The following table displays detailed embryo development data using frozen semen from different sires (e.g. A1, A2 and A3).

Fig. 2. Snapshot of cattle IVF test report table. In this part, statistic results are provided alone with our suggestions. 

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Products and Services | IVF Testing for Sire Fertility