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D-Mannitol cell fusion medium can be used for membrane fusion between an oocyte and an introduced somatic cell during the procedure of nuclear transfer for animal cloning.  D-Mannitol fusion medium contains 0.3 M Mannitol, Ca++, Mg++ and 0.3% BSA. Mannitol medium is filtered by 0.22 µm Millipore filter. Animal embryos tested, and qualified.


This Mannitol fusion medium is shipped on wet ice, and should be stored at 2-8°C upon arrival.  The medium is recommended to use within  three months.


Catalog Number:                 RLI-Mannitol-01

Sterility:                                Sterile-filtered

Quantity:                               4 vials, 50 mL/vial

Storage Temperature:      2-8 °C

Storage Duration:               3 months

Shipping :                              Wet Ice


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Mannitol Cell Fusion Medium Cat #Mannitol-01, 4 vials (50 mL/vial)


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Products and Services | Mannitol Cell Fusion Medium