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Product Description: the mouth piece is used for mouth pipette to transfer the embryos from one dish to another.  Usually the mouth piece is linked to a rubber or Teflon tubing that can be soft enough to be bent in all directions, and then the tubing is linked with a glass pipette with different sizes heated and pulled under flame, according to the size of embryos or oocytes from different species. This mouth pipette system for dish-to-dish embryo and/or oocyte transfer is very easy and efficient for embryo manipulation during IVF, ICSI, biopsy, microinjection and nuclear transfer.

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Mouth piece set (MP-set) Mouth piece sets for embryo manipulation, 5 sets per order.

Tubing size: 1/8 Inch I.D., 1/32 Inch Wall Tip: 1ML


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Products and Services | Mouth Piece for Embryo Manipulation