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Service Description: we provide the service of plasmid DNA preparation for both individual constructs for University research laboratories and a large scale manufacturing for biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. RLI will assist our valued clients to achieve quality plasmid DNA preparations for many research purposes, and save your substantial time for other research efforts.  Prepared DNA is ready for use, such as pronuclear DNA microinjection to generate transgenic mouse, rat, rabbit and other animals.


RLI is offering (1). high grade (Supercoiled content >= 95%, with enzyme-free and animal-free process) plasmids; (2). routine Research Grade plasmid; (3). typical molecular biology research .
•Antibody production
•Protein manufacturing
•Animal studies, such as transgenic study
•Gene vaccine and gene therapy studies


Features of Service:

1. Flexible scale: (a) 100 µg from MidiPrep; (b) 1mg (1,000µg ) DNA plasmid; (c) 10 mg DNA plasmid from Maxi-Prep, up to; (d) 1 gram (1,000 mg) from Maxi-Prep.

2. Reproducible quality of plasmid DNA.

3. Strict and comprehensive quality control with quality guaranteed: (1). DNA appearance; (2). Value of A260/280; (3). supercoiled content; (4) percentage of residual RNA, genomic DNA contamination; (4). plasmid DNA concentrations, (5). restriction analysis (with additional charge if request); (6). Fast delivery time (routine turn over time 7 days, rush delivery YES if request with additional charge).


Service Form (please download, fill and fax/email). Customers are required to submit this Form.


1. Service #: RLI-P-DNA-01        $45 per 100 µg                      Plus shipping and handling
2. Service #: RLI-P-DNA-02        $350 per 1.0 mg (1,000 µg)    Plus shipping and handling
3. Service #: RLI-P-DNA-03        $2,500 per 10.0 mg               Plus shipping and handling


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You can place your order by phone (904-379-6507) or fax (301-576-5078).
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Disclaimer: For research use only. Not for clinical, drug, household or other uses.

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Products and Services | Plasmid DNA Preparation Services