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Rabbit embryonic stem cells (rbESC) are derived by Renova (RLI) scientists using our patented technology (US patent office app# 2010/0227403). These rbESC lines are self-renewal and maintain the state of un-differentiation until passage 20-25, with our special culture condition. These rbESC showed pluripotent mRNA markers, such as Oct4, Sox2, Nanog, c-Myc, Klf4. These ESC lines are positive for AP test, Oct4, Nanog and Sox2 under immuno- fluorescent microscopy. RLI derived rbESC can form embryoid bodies with expression of three primary germ layer markers.

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Rabbit Embryo Bodies 15 vitrified rabbit embryo bodies (RB-EB-01)



Rabbit Embryonic Bodies 40 vitrified rabbit embryo bodies (RB-EB-02)


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Watch a movie: embryo bodies derived from rbESCs beat like a heart.



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Products and Services | Rabbit Embryonic Bodies (vitrified)