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Service Description: We provide subcloning services to research laboratories as well as biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. We will assist our valued clients to achieve quality subcloning of DNA constructs for many research purposes, and save your substantial time for other research efforts. Our subcloning service is highly flexible to any specific project requirements. The starting materials can be plasmid DNA or bacterial culture. Prepared DNA is ready for use, such as pronuclear DNA microinjection to generate transgenic mouse, rat, rabbit and other animals.

Sample Submission Requirements

Bacterial culture and plasmid DNA are all accepted. Our routine turnaround is 14 business days depending on the nature of the subcloning project.

The following information is required for the service:
1. The complete sequence of the template with the target gene and its vector
2. Maps and antibiotic resistance of vectors
3. Template DNA of 2 g recommended. If bacterial culture is used, please send sufficient amount of culture.

Delivery Specifications

Our turnaround is about 14 business days depending on the complexity of the subcloning project.
Rush delivery available with additional charge.
Our delivery package includes the following:


Step 1

Restriction enzyme digestion, ligation and transformation of gene and vector, colony selection, with 8-10 positive mini-preps

Step 2

Sequence of joint fragment to make sure the correct sequence in place

Step 3

Maxi-prep to generate more than 200 g DNA at the concentration of 1-2 g/l

Step 4

Full report of each step of preparation, with RLI quality control certificate



Pricing: $1950.00 per sample plus shipping and handling. New client with half price ($975 per sample plus S&H).


Online Store

This item is not available in the online store.
You can place your order by phone (904-379-6507) or fax (301-576-5078).
You can also send your inquiries to us following this link.
Thank you for your business.

Disclaimer: For research use only. Not for clinical, drug, household or other uses.

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Products and Services | Subcloning Services