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Embryo-tested trypsin at 0.25% concentration is prepared for desegregating embryonic blastomeres from mouse, rabbit and bovine embryos (from 8 celled to compacted morula and/or blastocyst).  This special trypsin solution is filtered 0.22 µm filter.  Animal embryos tested, and qualified.


After removal the zona pellucida, the embryos are incubated in RLI-TS-01 for about 1-2 min (or client’s designed time), then moved into fresh culture medium (containing serum).  The embryos are then gently pipetted with a fine, fire-polished capillary pipette until individual blastomeres are disaggregated.


Catalog Number:                RLI-TS-01

Applications:                       Mouse, rabbit, cattle embryos

Sterility:                               Sterile-filtered

Unit:                                      1 mL/vial

Quantity:                               5 vials

Storage Temperature:      - 20 °C

Storage Duration:              3 months

Shipping :                             Wet Ice


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Trypsin Solution Cat #RLI-TS-01, 5 vials


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Products and Services | Trypsin Solution