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Y27632 is a cell-permeable small molecule Rho-associated kinase ROCK inhibitor 1. It has been demonstrated to prevent dissociation-induced apoptosis in human embryonic stem cells (hES cells). Y27632 enhances the survival and cloning efficiency of dissociated hES, rabbit ES (RLI, unpublished data) without affecting their pluripotency.


Our product is a ready-to-use stock solution with Y27632 concentration at 20 mM in DMSO, the final working solution is 10 M (25 L into 50 mL) or at your desired concentration for stem cell culture. Stem cell culture tested.




Catalog Number: RLI-Y27632-01

Molecular Formula: C14H21N3O 2HCl

Molecular Weight: 320.3

Purity: 99% by HPLC

Quantity:2 mg

Concentration: 20 mM in DMSO

Storage Temperature: -20C

Shipping: Dry Ice

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Y27632 Cat #RLI-Y27632-01, 2 mg


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Products and Services | Y27632